We believe your story matters.
We believe in taking the fight to insurance bullies.
We believe there is a better way to get help after a serious injury.

Personal Injury Attorneys in Laramie, WY

After sustaining injuries in an accident, you might feel like you’ll never recover physically or financially.

To recoup some of your losses, you may file a personal injury claim.

Unfortunately, insurance companies often refuse to acknowledge the extent of victims’ injuries.

We believe there is a better way to get help after a serious injury. At Platte River Injury Law, we tenaciously fight on your behalf. Our Laramie attorneys customize their strategy based on your goals and work hard to deliver downstream results.

Wyoming Crash Statistics

According to the Wyoming Department of Transportation crash data, the total number of fatal crashes statewide decreased since 2014 from 131 to 100.

Around 11% of all crash fatalities since 2014 took place in Laramie alone. In 2018, the number of fatalities in Laramie was higher than average, around 13%.

Thankfully, the number of accidents in Laramie decreased in almost every category since 2014, including crashes related to distracted driving, speeding, and DUI.

According to these statistics, the overall safety of Wyoming’s roads is increasing, but it is still not perfect. If you sustain injuries from an accident, you need a Laramie attorney to advocate for your well-being. Platte River Injury Law can help.

Our Practice Areas

At Platte River Injury Law, we believe your story matters. Suffering serious injuries in an accident should not ruin your future.

If you feel like you are struggling financially after a serious injury, you should seek out personal injury attorneys in Laramie, WY.

Platte River Injury Law handles many types of personal injury cases, including:

  • Car accidents;
  • Truck accidents;
  • Medical malpractice;
  • Wrongful death;
  • Slip and fall; and
  • Dog bites.

When you suffer a serious injury, you need an experienced Laramie attorney on your side.

Platte River Injury Law will fight for you to maximize your financial recovery.

How We Can Help

Attorney Jeremy Hugus of Platte River Injury Law is a Wyoming native who takes a client-focused, results-driven approach to law.

Utilizing over a decade of experience representing personal injury clients, Jeremy fights relentlessly to help recover financial security for his clients.

He has several awards including a Top 10 Lawyers Under 40 award from the National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys. As the premier attorney of Platte River Injury Law, Jeremy fights for your financial future and peace of mind.

Laramie Police Department &Amp; Courthouse Locations

For your convenience, below is a list of locations for the police department and courthouse in Laramie, WY.

Laramie Police Department
620 Plaza Ct.
Laramie, WY 82070

Albany County Circuit Court
525 Grand Avenue, Room 400
Laramie, WY 82070

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We go above and beyond to empower you and will fight to get you the money you deserve.

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