• "When I reached out to Jeremy, I felt helpless and hopeless. Jeremy gave me my voice back. I tried to take care of legal issues on my own but my situation only got worse. Hiring Jeremy was the best choice. He was professional, honest and made me proud to have him on my side."

    - Carrie G.

What Makes Us Better?

Any capable lawyer can handle the legal nuts and bolts, but most lawyers focus only on this. With us, you are a person, not a number or case file. We do first-class legal work but go above and beyond to empower you to protect your wallet, physical health, and peace of mind. This is the Platte River Injury Law difference and it’s going to make your life so much better. How do we do it?


Unresponsive lawyers suck. You should never feel lost or wonder what is happening. We answer your calls, schedule regular updates, and deliver speedy personal solutions.


Fighting greedy companies alone is a nightmare. But these manipulative bullies do not intimidate us. We handle their BS so you don’t get screwed.


You deserve a cunning, creative legal team. We first listen to your individual goals then customize a plan of attack to tell your unique story.

  • "Mr. Hugus is a fantastic attorney, and genuinely cares about the clients he serves. He is both compassionate and knowledgeable, and works diligently to alleviate the stress of the legal system for his clients."

    - Kelsey P.

Experienced Trial Lawyers in Casper, Wyoming

Are We the Best Firm for You?

Client-focused, Results-driven.

We believe a serious injury or wrongful death shouldn’t destroy your future. We believe rules matter. We believe in leveling the playing field. We believe justice isn’t just for those with lots of money, power, or information. We believe justice is for all of us, especially you.

If you feel like you’re struggling just to stay afloat after a serious injury, we understand how you feel. We’ve helped many others just like you maximize their financial recovery and protect their peace of mind. Don’t navigate this alone and risk getting cheated out of the justice you deserve. Get proven downstream results from an experienced legal team who will fight with you to calm this storm. Schedule your free personalized strategy session today and let us maximize your financial recovery too. We do personal injury. You do peace of mind.

  • "Jeremy restored my faith in the legal profession! He handled my case with tenacity, sensitivity, and great skill. He knows the law well, works well with other attorneys but fights hard when he needs to."

    - Jon Z.


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