We believe your story matters.
We believe in taking the fight to insurance bullies.
We believe there is a better way to get help after a serious injury.


Our fast-growing Casper-based personal injury law firm wants to add a top-notch trial lawyer who wants a rewarding, long-term opportunity. Three or more years of experience preferred.

Who Is the Awesome Trial Lawyer We’re Looking For?

  • Are you invigorated by the thought of building a plane while it is flying?
  • Are you energized by a fast-paced, rapidly changing work environment?
  • Are you a wizard at wearing and managing many moving pieces?
  • Are you able to be flexible and roll with the unexpected?
  • Are you motivated by demanding but rewarding work?
  • Are you comfortable with high but reasonable expectations?
  • Are you consistently able to follow complex, detailed instructions and assignments?
  • Are you top-notch at managing and completing many simultaneous deadlines?
  • Are you inspired to learn and creatively solve problems you don’t understand?
  • Are you eager to ask for help or clarification so you can achieve big results?
  • Are you skilled at professional, persistent confrontation?

If you answered yes to these questions, you’re in the right place. Keep reading!

Who Do We Want to Avoid?

Please DO NOT apply for this position if the following:

  • You are terrified at the thought of building the plane while it is flying
  • You are energized by the thought of a stable, static, and repetitive work environment
  • You prefer to work on one task or type of task at a time
  • You get derailed by unexpected events or unmet expectations
  • You are stressed out by high expectations or demanding work
  • You get overwhelmed by complex, detailed instructions
  • You function best with flexible or minimal deadlines
  • You are intimidated by what you don’t understand
  • You are too proud or embarrassed to ask for help or explanations
  • You cringe or feel super uncomfortable with confrontation or conflict

If these things describe you, please stop reading. This does not make you a bad person or a bad employee, but it does mean you will not be happy here. We promise. And we want both of us to be happy. We wish you all the best in finding a different environment where you can really soar!

Application Instructions:

If, after thoroughly reading this brief invitation, you think we would be a good fit for each other and want to learn more about this position, our firm, and the specific experience, qualifications, traits, and personality we’re looking for, please fill out the form below and upload a .pdf resume. If you are qualified, we will reply by email with what is likely one of the longest, most honest, and most detailed job descriptions you will ever see. We take this approach so you don’t waste your time interviewing and applying for a career opportunity you don’t really want. Again, you do not want that, and neither does the amazing team we already have in place. We’re excited to hear from you and wish you all the best in the process!