Your financial future and peace of mind are the downstream results we fight for every day. Sometimes we fight trucking companies, nursing homes, or energy companies. Often, we fight against big insurance companies. But every time we fight for real people just like you.

Over the years we have recovered big money for our clients time and time again—good people just like you who are struggling through the same kinds of tragedy, injuries, and pain. And that is good news for you! You do not have to fight alone. We believe the best way to win downstream results is through upfront relationships with our clients—genuine, honest relationships. This relational approach is the cornerstone of our practice and our promise to you from day one.

Jeremy restored my faith in the legal profession! He handled my case with tenacity, sensitivity, and great skill. He knows the law well, works well with other attorneys but fights hard when he needs to.
— Jon Z., Client

We always expect and are prepared to take every case to trial. But whether we fight all the way through trial or settle your case for a fair amount before trial, we are committed to team working with you, other attorneys, investigators, your doctors, and each of the highly qualified, hand-selected experts we hire to protect your peace of mind and maximize the financial security we recover for you.

Full Policy Limit Settlement for Man Injured by Intoxicated Driver

Most recently we settled a bodily injury claim for a Wyoming man whose leg was ran over by a reckless, intoxicated driver. The injury was severe and caused permanent damage. Our client required a very involved reconstruction surgery and will have permanent scaring from a skin graft. In our detailed 100+-page demand package we demanded the insurance company take full responsibility for its insureds careless actions. The insurance company offered to pay its full policy limit within a week of receiving our demand. Our client is now back on his feet physically and financially and is able to focus on getting back to work and the people he loves and cares about. #WeDoPersonalInjury #YouDoPeaceofMind

Six-figure Bodily Injury and Property Damage Settlement

We recently settled a case for a husband and wife in Denver, Colorado against two construction companies that caused our clients substantial personal injury and property damage over a two-year period. Even after we filed suit the construction companies, their insurers, and teams of lawyers refused to take responsibility or to play by our reasonable rules. We decided to walk out of a confidential mediation because of how unreasonable the defendants were being and advised that we would go try the case the following week. Shortly, after that, the defendants shaped up, and we settled the case for a sizable six-figure sum. #JusticeNeverSleeps