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Wyoming Motorcycle Laws – Platte River Injury Law


If you were in a Wyoming motorcycle accident, you might be wondering whether you have a personal injury claim. You can receive compensation if a negligent driver caused your injuries. Here, we will discuss Wyoming motorcycle laws and how they apply to your accident.

Lane Sharing

In Wyoming, motorcycle operators have a right to use a full lane when riding. Other drivers cannot drive in a way that does not allow a motorcyclist to use a full lane. This includes creeping up beside a biker to try to pass them in the same lane. If you were injured by a driver who was encroaching on your space in the lane, you may be able to receive compensation from the at-fault driver.

This law applies to motorcycle operators as well. Wyoming law prohibits motorcyclists from passing a vehicle in the same lane in which that vehicle is driving. This is because a motorcyclist could end up in the driver’s blind spot, increasing the risk of dangerous accidents.

Two motorcyclists may ride next to each other in a single lane as long as both riders consent. Additionally, a motorcycle operator can pass another motorcycle operator in the same lane. Motorcycles do not have the same blind spots as cars, vans, and other vehicles, so passing another motorcycle in this way is not as dangerous.

Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is driving a motorcycle mainly on the white line between two lanes of traffic. A similar practice is lane filtering, in which a motorcycle operator weaves between two lanes of traffic that are moving in the same direction. Wyoming motorcycle laws prohibit these practices. It is illegal to operate a motorcycle between lanes of traffic.

If you were injured while riding between lanes, you may still be able to recover damages. In Wyoming, you can recover as long as you are less than 50% at fault for the accident that caused your injuries. You should talk to an attorney to determine whether you have a claim for your motorcycle injury in Wyoming.

Helmet Laws

The state of Wyoming does not require adult motorcyclists to wear helmets. Anyone under the age of 18, however, must wear a helmet while operating a motorcycle. The helmet law also applies to minors who are riding on but not driving the motorcycle. Any time someone who is under 18 is on a motorcycle, they must wear a helmet. The operator of the motorcycle can be held responsible for allowing a minor without a helmet to ride.

Insurance Requirements

According to Wyoming motorcycle laws, motorcycle owners must have insurance in certain minimum amounts. Your motorcycle insurance must have a minimum policy limit of $25,000 per injured person and $50,000 per accident. Your policy must also cover property damage up to $20,000.

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