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What to Do if You’re Injured on the Job—What Wyoming Oilfield Workers Need to Know


Oilfields are some of the most dangerous job sites in Wyoming.

In an instant, workers can suffer terrible injuries in an oilfield accident.

These injuries can range from broken bones and burn injuries to life-altering brain injuries or spinal cord damage.

If you have been injured while at work on an oilfield in Wyoming, the steps you take can prove critical to receiving compensation.

Additionally, you should take the necessary steps to speak with an oilfield accident lawyer and begin the legal process.

At Platte River Injury Law, we recommend that injured oilfield workers do the following.

Get Medical Attention Following an Oilfield Accident

An oilfield accident might cause catastrophic injuries, so receiving immediate attention is often the difference between life and death.

If you need an ambulance, ask a coworker to call one for you.

Unless the incident is very minor, get to the hospital immediately.

Notify Your Employer of the Accident

Your boss probably already knows about an explosion or other oilfield accident, but you should still report the accident and your injuries to him.

Do so as soon as possible.

You want to protect other people on the oilfield, so let your employer know if the equipment is faulty or defective.

Proper notification is also necessary to comply with Wyoming’s workers’ compensation laws.

File a Written Report

An oral notification probably is not enough. Instead, you will need to file a Wyoming Report of Injury in which you explain what happened during the oilfield accident.

You can also file this report online by visiting the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services website.

Remember that the deadline is usually very short for filing this report.

After receiving immediate medical treatment, make filing the report a top priority.

Collect Evidence for Your Case

Any workplace accident claim relies on evidence, and this is true of oilfield injuries as well.

Your job is not to do a thorough investigation—your attorney can handle that.

Instead, collect the following if they are near at hand:

  • Keep all medical bills, including receipts for prescription drugs or assistive devices like crutches
  • Hold onto copies of all medical records and test results, if you are given copies
  • Identify witnesses to the accident and write down their names and contact information
  • Take pictures of your injuries soon after receiving medical treatment
  • Save the clothes you were wearing during the oilfield accident
  • Write down your memories of what happened, being as detailed as possible

With his information, your lawyer can determine whether you have a valid legal claim against someone for the injuries you have suffered.

If you do, your attorney can discuss the next steps, such as preparing a lawsuit or reaching out to start the legal claims process.

The timeline for filing a claim is often compressed, so don’t delay meeting with a lawyer.

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Oilfield accidents leave countless workers badly hurt and with no way to work to pay their bills.

Please reach out to Platte River Injury Law at your earliest convenience.

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