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What Is Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)?


Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) refers to any kind of injury that interferes with the way the brain usually works. TBIs can range from mild to incredibly severe. TBIs may or may not involve visible trauma, which is why it’s so important that anyone involved in an accident undergoes a medical exam right away. The most common symptom of TBI is memory loss, but the effects can be physical, cognitive, and emotional. TBIs often cause decreased functioning and personality changes that are often distressing for family members and loved ones. Ultimately, the types of symptoms result from the severity and placement of the injury on the brain. These injuries can have a major impact on your life going forward, so it’s pivotal you meet with a TBI lawyer who can analyze your case and determine if you may be eligible for compensation.

How Are TBIs Usually Diagnosed?

Traditionally, there have been two main ways of diagnosing TBIs: medical evaluations and CT scans. While both can work, they each have their issues. CT scans don’t have the necessary detail to find anything except for the most obvious kinds of TBI. Medical evaluations, while necessary, can be inaccurate, especially if it’s for an athlete or soldier who doesn’t want to appear unhealthy out of fear of being demoted or sidelined. Sadly, these types are also at a higher risk than most of being injured again. The most accurate results come from medical evaluations performed by an experienced neuropsychologist. Your TBI lawyer can recommend a great neuropsychologist who knows what the court will look for in the event you do wish to pursue damages.

What if My Injury Occurred in the Past?

Technology has recently introduced new ways of identifying TBI, even if the damage was done weeks, months, or even years ago. The Banyon Brain Trauma Indicator is a blood test that can assess trauma if done within 12 hours of the injury. The EyeBOX is a new tool that monitors patients’ eye movements, and it can effectively catch TBI within one week of the injury. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, new types of imaging technology are currently emerging that can identify TBI years after it occurs. For this reason, you should speak to a TBI lawyer regardless of when your injury occurred. It’s never too late to get the help you deserve.

Can a TBI Lawyer Help Me Get Compensated?

If you have suffered a TBI due to another’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for past and future medical costs, lost wages, and more. Brain injuries can have a major effect on the rest of you; you don’t deserve to pay for it as well.

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