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Is Break Checking Illegal in Wyoming?


Dedicated Auto Accident Lawyer Discusses Your Rights If You Were in a Brake-Checking Accident

Brake checking is illegal in Wyoming and every other state in the country.

Brake checking is an expression of road rage. The behavior is exceedingly dangerous and can cause deadly auto collisions.

You should know that a rear-end accident is not always caused by the vehicle in the rear. If you or a loved one sustained injuries or died in a break-checking accident, you have valuable rights.

A car accident lawyer with Platte River Injury Law who has tremendous experience fighting to protect the rights of people injured or killed by others can explain how they could help you recover from your brake-checking incident.

What Is Brake Checking?

People often ask, is brake checking illegal? Yes, it is. The act of brake checking or suddenly slowing or stopping without cause or notice when another vehicle is following is dangerous and reckless.

Even though the brake check might be a quick tap of the brakes, the danger is obvious. You have to take immediate evasive action if the car in front of you gives you a brake check.

You will either slam on the brakes and endanger the people following you or yank the steering wheel to the side. Veering sideways instantaneously can cause a spin-out, rollover, collision with another vehicle, or fly off into the median.

Who Is at Fault for Brake Checking?

When rear-end collisions occur, people always assume that the driver of the vehicle that rear-ended the other car is at fault. Indeed, if you drive the vehicle that rear-ended another car, the police and insurance companies will immediately assume that you caused the crash. However, you might not be at fault.

Brake checking is illegal because of the inherent danger. People take easy offense these days to perceived slights on the road. A simple mistake sends people into a fury.

Innocently cutting someone off or driving closely so you can pass infuriates some people. They just assume you do not know how to drive. They use a brake check to teach you a lesson on the rules of the road.

Of course, the primary job of a motor vehicle operator is to drive safely. If you take precautions not to follow others too closely while driving, you will be less likely to suffer an accident as a result of brake checking. But the law does not excuse brake checking to teach a lesson; it is illegal no matter the reason.

How to Report a Car for Purposely Brake Checking and Road Rage

The first thing you should do is try to remove yourself from the situation. You should try to safely slow down, back off, change lanes, or even turn off the road.

You are responsible for your safety and the safety of others, so whatever action you take must be done reasonably.

After safely removing yourself from the situation, you could use your cell to contact the police. They might have someone nearby to respond and pull the offender over.

If you cannot remove yourself from the situation safely, you might need to call the police to summon immediate help. You can narrate to the call taker precisely what is happening. Try to tell the dispatcher your location with as much specificity as possible.

Thinking quickly about the right thing to do in that situation is difficult. The best way to protect yourself might be to invest in a dashboard camera. All evidence collected from your dashcam could help you in case someone gives you a brake check.

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