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Questions to Ask Your Wyoming Personal Injury Attorney


If you were recently injured in a car wreck, slip and fall, or other accident, you want to make sure that you hire a personal injury attorney who will get you the best possible settlement. Choosing the right Wyoming personal injury lawyer can be difficult. The process looks different for everyone depending on the details of the injury. But knowing the important questions to ask a potential personal injury lawyer can help you decide if they are right for you.

What Kind of Experience Do You Have?

You should ask your Wyoming personal injury attorney about their level of experience. This includes both experiences with your specific type of injury case and experience handling cases in your area of the state.

A personal injury lawyer must handle different issues with different types of injury cases. For example, the knowledge an attorney needs to handle a defective product case is much different than the knowledge they need for a car accident. Hiring an attorney who has dealt with cases like yours before can help you save time and recover more money.

You should also ask if the attorney has experience handling personal injury cases in Wyoming. Personal injury law varies between states, so experience in the relevant geographic area is important.

Who Will Work on My Case?

Some law firms delegate certain aspects of cases to junior attorneys or paralegals. There is nothing wrong with this practice as long as you, as the client, are comfortable with it. You should ask your personal injury attorney how their firm typically handles cases. If you want personalized service by an attorney focusing on your case, a firm that divides work widely among its employees is not right for you.

What Successful Cases Have You Handled?

Everyone’s goals for their personal injury case are different. You may want to settle as quickly as possible to recover your losses. Maybe you are willing to go to trial to try to get the largest possible damages award. Your Wyoming personal injury lawyer should have the experience and skills to help you meet your goals. Ask about trial experience. Have they taken cases similar to yours to trial? If so, what were the outcomes? You should also ask what kind of settlements they have negotiated for cases similar to yours.

Another good way to find out about attorney outcomes is from past clients. Many firms have client testimonials on their websites. You can read about how successful a particular personal injury lawyer has been at handling certain cases. A history of satisfied clients is a good indication that this attorney can achieve a positive outcome for you.

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