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What Are the Top Five Dangerous Roads in Wyoming?


According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Wyoming was the most dangerous state for drivers in 2019.

With 25.4 deaths per 100,000 residents, Wyoming took the lead over all other states despite having a comparatively low population.

Wyoming’s appeal for residents and visitors is the window it provides into the surrounding natural beauty and wildlife throughout the state. However, venturing on Wyoming roads also includes risk.

Listed below are the most dangerous roads in Wyoming. If traveling on these roads, exercise caution to avoid a car accident.

#5: US Route 191

US Route 191 is considered one of the most dangerous roads in Wyoming and travels through the entire state. The road crosses through a wide variety of environments, including mountain ranges, forests, and desert terrain.

Due to the scenic nature of the road, many vehicles use US Route 191 every year, during all seasons. Since many on the roadway are tourists, many are involved in car accidents due to their unfamiliarity with the area.

#4: Highway 14 Alternate

Also known as the Medicine Wheel Passage, Highway 14 Alternate is one of Wyoming’s most dangerous roads. Set high in Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountain, the road runs 98 miles west to east with elevation topping out at 9,455 feet. The roadway consists of a steep grade and is not recommended for large motorhomes or long-haul trucks.

Although the road closes in the winter, it is no easier to travel in the summer months. Much of the road has winding turns, hairpin turns, and blind corners that cause serious accidents each year. Therefore, those exploring Highway 14 Alternate must do so carefully.

#3: Teton Pass

At 8,431 feet above sea level, the Teton Pass is a high mountain pass earning it the title of one of the most dangerous roads in Wyoming. Located within the Bridger-Teton National Forest, those traveling on the pass must do so safely for seventeen harrowing miles.

Although the road is open year-round, it’s not recommended to travel the Teton Pass in winter. Several avalanche slide paths pass alongside the roadway.

The roadway earned a reputation as one of the most dangerous roads in Wyoming due to its grade steepness, grade length, and curve severity.

#2: Interstate 80

Interstate 80 is one of the most dangerous roads in Wyoming. I-80 crosses through eleven states from California to New Jersey, and many use it to travel cross-country. Drivers on I-80 experience a wide range of varying road conditions as the road passes through mountain ranges, desert plains, towns, and cities.

Particularly dangerous on flat stretches, high winds on I-80 through Wyoming cause large trucks to lose control and tip across the roadway. In winter, sections of I-80 often stay closed due to white-out conditions.

Therefore, no matter the season, one must drive with an awareness of all hazards on I-80.

#1: US 287

US 287 has earned the title of Wyoming’s most dangerous road. As the road passes through dangerous terrain including the Medicine Bow Mountains and the Laramie Mountains, visibility for drivers greatly decreases. Additionally, in the winter months, the road weaves treacherously on icy roads in rural areas.

Snowplows often do not reach these roads, making them more susceptible to unmanageable conditions and snowdrifts.

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