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I Was Injured in an Accident, What Now?


Accidents can happen at any time, and few people are prepared for them.

Maybe you were driving down a road when someone rear-ended you, or maybe you had just stepped into the pharmacy when you slipped and fell on a wet floor. What do you do now?

As an established Wyoming law firm, we help injured victims every day of the week, so we want to share what steps you should take to protect your right to compensation.

Get Medical Attention

If you were injured in an accident, your primary concern should be your health. By receiving prompt medical attention, you can minimize the seriousness of your injuries.

If you need an ambulance to come pick you up, ask someone to call emergency services.

If you were not seriously injured, then you can wait to go to the doctor until after you complete the other steps in this article.

Obtain Insurance Information

This is a critical step if you were injured in a car accident. Ask all drivers involved for their insurance information. Also get the driver’s name, phone number, and home address in case you need to contact them. If you don’t get this information at the scene of the accident, then you might never get it once the driver takes off.

If you were injured in a store, then you can wait to find out this information later. The store will still be around.

Document the Accident Scene

It is impossible to recreate an accident scene long after the fact, so the more you can document it, the better. If you can move around, then take pictures of all vehicles involved in a car crash. Also get pictures of any debris in the road or skid marks that show how the vehicles moved in the moments before the crash.

If you slipped or tripped over something, also get a picture. The landlord might clean it up before you get a chance.

Also remember to write down your own memories of the accident, since you are a vital witness to what happened. As soon as possible, sit down and write one or two paragraphs about how you remember the accident unfolding, as well as what you were doing immediately before getting injured.

Call the Police

If you were involved in a car accident with injuries, then you should call the police to come out and draft a police report. This report will have good information that you will need, such as the date, time, and location of the accident. The officer might also make a preliminary assessment of fault, but remember that this is not official; it’s just the officer’s opinion.

Get a copy of the police report or ask for the report number. Insurance companies will want to see it.

“I Just Got into a Car Accident. What Now?”

After an accident, you need an experienced attorney to help you submit a solid insurance claim and to negotiate for compensation.

The team at Platte River Injury Law has worked with countless clients across Wyoming to help them maximize their compensation.

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