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Filing a Bodily Injury Claim in Wyoming


Getting hurt in an accident can be a scary and confusing experience.

Medical bills can begin to pile up and you could lose wages from missed work because of your injuries.

Filing a bodily injury claim after an accident in Wyoming is the most critical aspect of a personal injury case and largely dictates the amount of compensation that you can receive as the victim of an accident.

Also, it is crucial that you file a bodily injury claim properly or risk sacrificing significant damages in your case.

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Filing a Bodily Injury Claim in Wyoming

When you file a claim for bodily injury, you should do so with an experienced personal injury attorney by your side.

This type of claim in Wyoming files with the responsible party’s insurance company because Wyoming is not considered a “no-fault” state when it comes to accidents involving personal injury.

You do not have to be in a car accident in order to file a bodily injury claim.

This is a viable option after getting an injury in any type of accident, including car, truck, bicycle, pedestrian, motorcycle, slip and fall, premises liability, product liability, and more.

However, there are some critical steps that you should take first before filing a bodily injury claim with an insurance company that ensures you receive the full and fair compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Seek Medical Treatment Immediately

The first and most important thing that you should do after an accident is to seek immediate medical treatment for your injuries, even if you believe that the harm you suffered is minor.

There are many reasons why seeing a doctor immediately is important after an accident.

First, it allows your injuries to be properly examined, diagnosed, and treatment started to help with your recovery.

In addition, some harm like internal injuries does not initially present as serious but requires care as soon as possible, and seeking medical treatment allows for a doctor to discover these more serious injuries and get you into treatment right away.

Second, seeing a medical professional right after an accident creates contemporary medical documentation about your injuries right after the accident.

This allows for an accident claim to encompass the entire scope of your injuries and treatment necessary, including days for missed work and travel involved in getting the medical help you need.

The medical documentation also prevents insurers from claiming that you were not seriously injured or injured at all after the accident, which can happen if you wait days or weeks to see a doctor for your injuries.

Document Your Injuries and Recovery

After the initial consultation with a doctor for diagnosis and treatment of your injuries, it is crucial that you document your entire recovery process and the development of your injuries over time.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is by keeping a daily journal of your health, including all medical visits, tests, updates, rehabilitation, and your general bodily state.

  • How much pain were you in that day?
  • What was your level of mobility?
  • Did you miss work?

All of these details can significantly help in your bodily injury claims.

Be sure to include in your own personal records the date of the injury, how the injuries occurred, the initial prognosis and length of treatment, any medication you need to take, pain management techniques, and more.

This also includes taking photos and videos of the injuries for further documentation and evidence of harm you suffered as a result of the accident.

Collect all Documentation and Receipts

In addition to keeping a daily journal, be sure to collect all relevant information, documentation, and receipts related to your injuries.

Be sure to keep copies of all doctor’s results for testing, x-rays, CAT or MRI scans, radiology reports, and more.

This includes all medical bills, medication costs, rehabilitation expenses, travel expenses and mileage, updates on your condition, and more.

Any expenses related to your injuries stemming from the accident can be on your bodily injury claim to the insurance company and assist in an overall injury settlement package for your case.

Cases We Handle For Bodily Injuries:

How an Attorney Can Help With a Bodily Injury Claim

An attorney can mean the difference between a successful bodily injury claim with the insurance company and their complete rejection of the compensation you need.

Above all, an attorney can help you from the moment you get an injury in an accident and will begin building the best possible case for your bodily injury claims.

This includes collecting all accident reports, police reports, and witness statements along with photos and videos of the scene of the accident.

An attorney will review your medical records and ensure that you are keeping all documentation necessary to bolster your claims.

A lawyer will help you organize the evidence into a cohesive claim and submit it to the insurers on your behalf.

Most importantly, a lawyer serves as a shield between you and the insurance companies.

Insurers do not have your best interests at heart after an accident, and that often includes your own insurance company, as well.

Insurance adjusters will try to get you to make a statement against your own best interest to try and mitigate or eliminate the claims made for damages.

By hiring an attorney, insurance companies must go through your lawyer with all communication and negotiation, thereby protecting you and your bodily injury claims.

Do Not Wait to Call Platte River Injury Law

If you are injured in an accident in Wyoming you deserve compensation for your claims.

However, the clock is ticking on your case and the insurance companies are not on your side.

To learn more about your legal options for filing a bodily injury claim after an accident in the Casper area, call or contact the office of Platte River Injury Law today.

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