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Average Settlement for Whiplash Injury After a Car Accident

  • Aug.10.2019
  • Car Accident

Whiplash is a common injury after a car accident, in particular, rear-end collisions.

A violent crash can push a person’s head forward before it snaps back like a whip.

If you have been injured in a car accident, you are probably curious about the average settlement for whiplash. In this article, we can throw out some numbers.

For example, one study said that the average whiplash settlement was $12,000-20,000.

However, average numbers don’t really paint a realistic picture of what you might personally receive.

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I.Classification of Severity of Whiplash
II.Possible Compensation for Whiplash Injuries
III.How a Wyoming Personal Injury Attorney Can Help
IV.Contact Platte River Injury Law Today

Classification of Severity of Whiplash

Whiplash generally refers to a complex of symptoms that people experience from neck strain. The whip-like motion ends up tearing or damaging the tendons in the neck. Muscles and nerves might also be affected.

The average car accident whiplash settlement amount doesn’t account for several factors since not all whiplash is the same. Like other injuries, some people suffer more serious whiplash than others.

Doctors generally apply a classification scheme that rates whiplash by grade:

  • Grade 0. No complaints at all about the neck. Basically, you don’t have the aftereffects of whiplash, even if your head whipped around during the crash.
  • Grade 1. Experience neck stiffness, pain, or tenderness.
  • Grade 2. Neck problems (see above) along with musculoskeletal signs, such as decreased range of movement.
  • Grade 3. Neck problems along with neurological impairment, such as sensory deficits or lack of reflexes.
  • Grade 4. Neck problems and a fracture or dislocation.

The more serious your whiplash, the harder it will be to return to work, which can impact how much compensation you receive in your whiplash settlement.

Many people are housebound when they suffer Grade 3 or 4 whiplash and find it difficult to even move.

Also, the amount of medical treatment will differ depending on the symptoms. If you have only Grade 1, then you might receive over-the-counter painkillers and be told to rest.

However, Grade 2 and higher whiplash might require expensive physical therapy, massage, and other treatment.

Possible Compensation for Whiplash Injuries

To better understand how much compensation you can receive, you should estimate how much money you have lost because of your whiplash injury.

Many of our clients have received money for:

  • The cost of medical care. This can include the cost of an ambulance to the hospital, doctor’s appointments, physical therapy or rehabilitation, prescription drugs, and a neck brace. You can receive reimbursement for expenses even if your health insurance initially covered the costs.
  • Lost wages. If you need to take time off from work, then you can receive compensation to cover your lost wages. You can receive compensation even if you took sick time or personal days.
  • Property damage. Your vehicle was probably damaged in the accident and you can receive a sum of money to cover that.

Many of our clients also receive money for their pain and suffering. This is the area where an attorney can make a big difference.

Pain and suffering compensation covers a lot of things, such as physical pain, inconvenience, mental anguish, etc.

There is no obvious market value for pain, so you can’t use a receipt or bill to figure out how much you can receive.

However, a car accident attorney can use their experience with other whiplash settlements to analyze how much you are likely to receive in either a settlement or a jury verdict.

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How a Wyoming Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

You might be tempted to handle your insurance claim yourself.

Under Wyoming law, the driver who is responsible for the accident must pay you compensation, and you should get his or her insurance information at the scene of the accident.

A whiplash car accident attorney can increase the amount you receive and is a good investment. A lawyer can often obtain more compensation than an injured victim could receive on their own.

Your attorney can help in the following ways:

  • Document your economic losses
  • Document your pain and suffering
  • Find evidence to establish fault of the driver who hit you
  • Negotiate aggressively with an insurance company so our clients receive fair compensation

Instead of handing your insurance claim yourself and hoping for the best, hire the right attorney who understands car accidents inside and out.

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After a rear-end or other collision, you might not know what to do.

Many people are unable to return to work right away and see a dramatic loss of income, which endangers their livelihood.

Some of our clients are worried that they will lose their homes or apartments unless they receive compensation.

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