At Platte River Law Firm we are proud of the rich value we provide for all of our clients in the form of genuine, upfront relationships and big, downstream results. First-class customer service and client satisfaction are top priorities. But you have probably heard that promise before only to be disappointed. The good news is, you don't have to take our word for it – read what our clients and other attorneys say about us!


"Restored my faith in the legal profession!"
I hired Jeremy to assist me with a personal injury case. He handled my case with tenacity, sensitivity, and great skill. It is clear he knows the law well, works well with other attorneys but is willing to fight hard when he needs to. It is also obvious that he really cares for his clients and works hard to create a genuine relationship with them. When all was said and done, I received a more favorable result than I was looking for. I would use Mr. Hugus again in a heartbeat and I often refer others to him.
— Jon Z., Client
When I reached out to Jeremy, I felt helpless and hopeless. Jeremy stepped in and gave me my voice back. I knew right away, during the first consultation, that Jeremy was the right lawyer for my case. I tried to take care of legal issues on my own but felt that my situation only got worse. I strongly feel that hiring Jeremy was the best choice. He was professional, honest and represented me in a manner that made me feel proud to have him on my side.
— Carrie G., Client
"Help just when I needed it..."
"THE BEST!!!!!"
I was recently sued by an ex, I had no idea what to do or who to talk when I came across not only an excellent attorney but a friend. Jeremy helped me through the tough time of the break-up and the law suit. Not only did Jeremy get me out of the law suit and save me money, he was very reasonably priced too. Jeremy’s attitude towards me and the case was phenomenal, I would and have recommend Jeremy and his excellent service.
— Pat S., Client
Jeremy was very helpful when I found myself needing a little legal clarification. He took on my situation and eased my stress. His vast knowledge and personal approach helped me to understand my options. He is an incredible lawyer but also an incredible man. I would recommend him to anyone!
— Stephanie M., Client
"Great man!!"
"Compassionate and great legal council..."
Mr. Hugus is a fantastic attorney, and genuinely cares about the clients he serves. He is both compassionate and knowledgeable, and works diligently to alleviate the stress of the legal system for his clients.
— Kelsey P., Client
Jeremy is both a knowledgeable and passionate attorney who represents his clients in a fair and ethical manner. He is dependable and always has the best interest of his clients in mind. I would absolutely recommend Jeremy to any friend or colleague of mine.
— Mary D., Client
"Excellent Attorney"


"disciplined advocate... best possible results ...fiercely intelligent"
An excellent communicator and a disciplined advocate for his clients’ rights after a personal injury, Mr. Hugus has a passion for his work that results in the best possible results. Mr. Hugus will make you feel comfortable, both as a person and with a clear understanding of your case. Lastly, Mr. Hugus is fiercely intelligent and his clients always benefit when he applies his skill and expertise.
— Stephen W., Attorney
One of the hardest qualities to have as a lawyer is the ability to be cordial and professional at all times to opposing counsel yet still be formidable in the process. Jeremy has that ability and his clients are well served by that trait.
— Kristeen H., Opposing Wyoming Counsel
"cordial...professional... formidable in the process"
"...fights for his clients"
I endorse Mr. Hugus wholeheartedly. He is a dedicated and intelligent attorney who knows the law and fights for his clients. I refer any clients with legal needs in Wyoming to him without reservation.
— Rolf V.M., Colorado Attorney
I think Jeremy Hugus is a crafty bright lawyer. I opposed Jeremy in a case several years ago and found him to be friendly, persistent, prepared and competent. Jeremy seems to really enjoy being a lawyer and I think his enthusiasm would be comforting if I were in a jam and needed a lawyer. I have referred cases to Jeremy and will continue to do so.
— John W., Opposing Wyoming Counsel
"...a crafty bright lawyer... persistent, prepared and competent"
"...compassion for his clients...mastery of the law...astounding"
Having had the pleasure of working with Jeremy Hugus, I witnessed on a daily basis his great compassion for his clients. Jeremy’s mastery of the practice of law is astounding. Without a doubt, you can entrust your legal representation to this brilliant young man!
— Ronda S., Legal Secretary
Jeremy is a highly skilled attorney whose focus on building relationships with his clients and obtaining swift justice make him an invaluable asset. He is laser focused, thorough, and honest. A great attorney.
— Scott M., Opposing Wyoming Counsel
"focus on swift justice... invaluable...laser focused ...honest"
"Incredibly knowledgeable ...a skilled advocate...an extremely effective attorney"
Jeremy is incredibly knowledgeable about the law, a skilled advocate and extremely professional. His combination of charisma, professionalism and intellect make him an extremely effective attorney. I would highly recommend him for your personal injury matters.
— Jennifer G., Attorney
After having worked with Jeremy I can vouch for his compassionate and knowledgeable lawyering skills. Jeremy’s number one job is to take care of his clients to the very best of his abilities. Not only is he well versed in the law and talented at his job, he is reliable and trustworthy. He maintains professionalism while still being approachable and friendly. Seeking legal advice can sometimes be intimidating but Jeremy’s down to earth, easy to talk to personality makes interacting with the legal system so much easier. I highly recommend contacting Jeremy at Platte River Law Firm for your legal needs!!!
— Danielle M., Paralegal
"Compassionate...reliable and trustworthy... approachable and friendly ...down to earth"
"Willingness to go above and beyond..."
Jeremy is an attorney I have trusted to help with my own cases, and someone I do not hesitate to refer clients to. His positive attitude and willingness to go above and beyond for his clients make him an attorney that any client would be grateful to have.
— Lindsey D., Co-counsel
I met Jeremy as opposing counsel and have developed a collegial friendship. He is a tenacious advocate.
— Michael S., Opposing Wyoming Counsel
"...a tenacious advocate"
"active in the community...a wide berth of experience"
Jeremy is a good guy; he is active in the community and has written many articles for the local press. Jeremy has a wide berth of experience and works hard for his clients.
— John H., Opposing Wyoming Counsel
I endorse Mr. Hugus. Jeremy will give your matter the time and attention necessary to get excellent results.
— Christina W., Wyoming Attorney
"...get excellent results"