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Wyoming truck accident lawyer

Wyoming may be one of the least populous states in the nation.

Still, its citizens require all of the basics that those living in other areas of the country do.

For example; materials for housing, food, clothing, and numerous other consumer goods.

Because very few of these items are manufactured, produced, or grown within Casper or other parts of Wyoming, they are most typically shipped in, transported by large trucks.

There is no argument against the essential nature of these trucks and the goods that they carry. However, large trucks, which can weigh upwards of 20 times that of a standard passenger car, can be dangerous.

When a large truck rolls over, drives off the road, or is in a collision with a smaller motor vehicle, the devastation can be cataclysmic.

At the law offices of Platte River Injury Law, our Casper, Wyoming truck accident attorneys believe in providing aggressive representation for those harmed in large truck collisions. After a truck accident causes injuries or even a lost family member, our trial lawyers can help you.

How Large Truck Accidents Happen

Big trucks are much harder to navigate than are smaller cars.

Even something simple like changing lanes safely more difficult to do. But large trucks must travel more slowly on turns and they require more room to make turns. In addition, they need more room and time to come to a complete stop.

What’s more, these trucks have large blind spots. This makes it difficult for truck drivers to see other vehicles traveling directly in front of their trucks, behind their trucks, or to either side of their trucks.

Still, large truck drivers should safely operate these big rigs. Training and continuing education is essential. When a truck accident occurs, it is typically the result of negligence.

Causes of large truck accidents include:

Driver errorsA driver error is one of the most common causes of collisions. Some of the errors that truck drivers are at risk of committing include sleeping at the wheel, driving while impaired, distracted driving, and driving or taking a turn at an unsafe speed. This list is not inclusive.

Cargo shifts. Another risk that drivers face is that of a cargo shift within the trailer. Cargo shifts when it is improperly loaded or secured, or if it is inherently dangerous and moves within the truck as such. If cargo shifts, a truck driver may be unable to safely maneuver the vehicle.

Vehicle defects. Sometimes, the truck itself has a defective part. Nothing is more terrifying than a truck driver applying the brakes only to discover that they have gone out. Suffering a serious tire blowout while driving down the highway can be just as bad.

Company mistakes. In some cases, an accident would never occur but for a mistake made by a trucking company. Examples of such mistakes might include failing to inspect or service trucks, failing to properly train or hire drivers with clean driving records, or pressuring drivers to breach hours of service requirements to meet tight deadlines.

Road defects. Defects in the road, like potholes, unmarked turns, improperly maintained roads, and more can increase the risk of an accident. When a road defect causes a crash, the party responsible for maintaining the road—often a municipality—may be to blame.

Other drivers’ dangerous behaviors. Other drivers on the road are hardly irreproachable when it comes to truck accident causation. Aggressive driving, cutting off a large truck, driving in blind spots, attempting to illegally pass a large truck  are all dangerous behaviors that can lead to crashes.

You Deserve to Be Compensated after a Large Truck Crash

Regardless of who caused the truck accident in which you were involved, if the accident happened through no fault of your own, you deserve to be fully compensated for your losses. Unfortunately, truck accident claims can be complex.

Truck accident claims are complicated by the fact that there are multiple potentially liable parties involved. The truck driver, a third-party driver, the trucking company, a shipper or loader of cargo, etc., are just a few. In order to determine liability, one must open a thorough investigation. It willseek to analyze truck ‘black box’ data, speak with witnesses and police, gain the opinions of accident reconstruction experts, review truck driver’s logs, work with vehicle design specialists, and more. This type of investigation is not only time consuming, but can also be very expensive.

Claims are also made more difficult by the fact that truck drivers and trucking companies are often insured by large, private insurance firms who have high-paid lawyers working for them. An insurance adjuster will be loath to pay a claimant their full settlement amount, and a claimant may be too intimidated by the powerful collection of big businesses and attorneys to put up much of a fight.

Our Lawyer Can Even the Playing Field

When you work with the attorney at Platte River Injury Law, you’re choosing to work with experienced legal professionals who truly care about you and the outcome of your case. Not only are we highly skilled in Wyoming truck accident and personal injury law, we also have the resources necessary to investigate and build your case. Perhaps most importantly, we have the resolve to fight back against headstrong insurance adjusters and the skill set to effectively negotiate your case.

We have extensive litigation and trial experience. Going to court doesn’t intimidate us – in fact, we welcome it. If your case cannot be settled through negotiations and litigation is what it takes, you can count on us.

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