How To Get Your Cheyenne Police Accident Report

Getting a Copy of Your Cheyenne Police Report as Soon as Possible Can Help You with Your Claim

Cheyenne police reports contain a substantial amount of vital information to help you with your accident claim.

For this reason, accident reports are usually the first piece of evidence insurance companies look for when evaluating a personal injury claim arising from a car crash.

Therefore, you must get a copy of all Cheyenne police reports related to your accident as soon as you can.

An experienced Cheyenne car accident lawyer could help you get a copy of all your Cheyenne police reports.

At Platte River Injury Law, our dedicated injury attorneys and staff will help you obtain copies of your police reports, medical records, work documents, and all other documents we need to help give you the best chance to maximize your injury award.

How To Get Your Cheyenne Police Accident Report

Why Cheyenne Police Reports Are So Important to Your Claim

Determining who is at fault for the crash is the first step toward holding the other driver responsible for the collision liable for your injuries. Your Cheyenne police reports contain information such as:

  • Driver information;
  • Passenger information;
  • Witness information;
  • SR-22 insurance information;
  • Narratives authored by the investigating officers, including any evidence seized by police such as traffic camera video or surveillance video; 
  • Statements from all witnesses about how the crash happened; and
  • Citations for any motor vehicle infractions or violations of the criminal law.

All the Cheyenne police reports about your collision will have valuable information. The investigating officers might need time to finish their reports, especially if they charged someone with a crime.

However, Wyoming law requires the police to file an accident report within 10 days of the crash. Even if they have not completed their investigation, at least the accident report will be on file.

Where Can You Find a Copy of Your Cheyenne Police Reports?

The Cheyenne Police Department’s Record Division is open to the public Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM if you want to pick up a copy of your report. The department allows you to request records electronically as well.

Typically, they will have all accident reports only for accidents with less than $1,000 of property damage or no bodily injury. However, the records department will have copies of reports if the accident led to someone’s arrest or criminal charges, such as a DUI arrest or a motor vehicle homicide investigation. 

The Wyoming Department of Transportation maintains all reports documenting accidents causing bodily injury or $1,000 or more property damage.

You can request a copy of your accident report by mail at:

Wyoming Department of Transportation

Accident Records

5300 Bishop Boulevard

Cheyenne, WY 82009-3340

You can also request a copy of your report online. 

Remember that if the police did not make a report, you must file an accident report within 10 days of your accident with the Wyoming Department of Transportation. You should keep a copy of your report and give it to your lawyer. 

We Are Here to Help When You Need It Most

You may experience significant upheaval in your life in the days and weeks after your car crash.

You might be hospitalized, undergo continuous medical treatments, and miss time at work.

Time does not stop, and neither do your responsibilities. You should not try to handle everything on your own.

Talk to the compassionate, caring, and proven auto accident lawyers with Platte River Injury Law for help with your claim.

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