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financial security And Peace of mind

When I reached out to Jeremy, I felt helpless and hopeless. Jeremy gave me my voice back. I tried to take care of legal issues on my own but my situation only got worse. Hiring Jeremy was the best choice. He was professional, honest and made me proud to have him on my side.
— Carrie G., Client


Thanks for visiting Platte River Law Firm. We are a personal injury law firm fighting to recover financial security and peace of mind for good Wyoming people. If you’ve lost your peace of mind and feel like you’re drowning or struggling just to stay afloat after a serious injury, we understand how you feel. We've helped waves of others just like you tame these wild waters, get back on course, and maximize recovery.

Don’t struggle alone just to barely stay afloat. Get proven downstream results from an experienced legal team who will fight with you to calm this storm. Schedule your free consultation today and let us maximize your serious recovery too! 

I hired Jeremy to assist me with a personal injury case. He really cares for his clients and works hard to create a genuine relationship with them. I received a more favorable result than I was looking for. I would use Mr. Hugus again in a heartbeat and I often refer others to him.
— Jon Z., Client
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Upfront Relationships.

Downstream Results.  

Your financial security and peace of mind are the downstream results we fight for every day. Sometimes we fight big corporations or insurance companies to ensure they pay you every last cent after an injury. Other times we fight the government to defend you against actions that violate your constitutional rights. But every time we fight for real individuals like you, not big companies, governments, or institutions.

Over the years we have recovered peace of mind victories for our clients time and time again—good people just like you who are struggling through the same kinds of tragedy, injuries, and pain. Good news! You do not have to fight alone. We believe the best way to win downstream results is through upfront relationships with our clients—genuine, honest relationships. This relational approach is the cornerstone of our practice and our promise to you from day one.

Jeremy restored my faith in the legal profession! He handled my case with tenacity, sensitivity, and great skill. He knows the law well, works well with other attorneys but fights hard when he needs to.
— Jon Z., Client

Whether we settle your case or take the fight all the way through trial, we are committed to teamworking with you, other attorneys, investigators, your doctors, and each of the highly qualified, hand-selected experts we hire to maximize the financial security and peace of mind we recover for you!


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What is lost Financial security and peace of mind costing you?

   How GOOD WOULD IT feel TO get IT back Right Now? 

Don't live another day without the right kind of help. 

Share your story today and recover the financial security and peace of mind you deserve.

We care. We will listen. We can help.


You deserve a legal team who will return your calls, calm your legal storm, and give your case the relentless personal attention and aggressive help needed to win. Take the first simple step toward recovering your financial security and peace of mind now: Give us a call or fill out this short form. We are eagerly waiting to help. Let's do this together!

Jeremy is an attorney I have trusted to help with my own cases, and someone I do not hesitate to refer clients to. His willingness to go above and beyond for his clients make him an attorney that any client would be grateful to have.
— Lindsey D., Wyoming Attorney


We serve folks throughout Wyoming and Colorado. Our main office is conveniently located downtown Casper, Wyoming  just blocks away from the state and federal courthouses.

 Ormsby Mansion, Est. 1907 - 536 S. Center Street

Ormsby Mansion, Est. 1907 - 536 S. Center Street

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